2009 – History of Chevrolet’s Logo

ChevroletLogo 2009   History of Chevrolets Logo

Chevrolet Motor Company was incorporated into GM in 1911. Chevrolet Logo appears in the first time in the first Chevrolet automobile, The Classic Six Prototype, which developed by Louis Joseph Chevrolet.

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Before that, in 1908, Louis Chevrolet create the Bowtie Emblem during his visit to Paris. The blue Bowtie emblem combined with Chevrolet names are appeared on vehicles in 1913 thru the mid-1930’s.

ChevroletLogo19141 2009   History of Chevrolets Logo

During the late 1930’s through 1960, the Bowtie comes with various imaginative settings. Bowtie with shield ornaments were also appeared during this time.

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ChevroletLogo1942 2009   History of Chevrolets Logo

ChevroletLogo1965 2009   History of Chevrolets Logo

From 1969 – 1977, Bowties are predominately appeared in bowtie solid blue and other color such as bowtie silver or bowtie gold.

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In 1986, the Red Bowtie appeared on Indy V8. This Red Bowtie became a performance symbol.

From 1970’s to 2001, the vehicle represented in four bowtie strategies:
Solid Blue Bowtie for passenger car.
Solid Gold Bowtie for trucks.
Red Outline Bowtie for performance division.
Blue Outline Bowtie for Chevrolet division.

In 2003, Chevrolet introduce the Gold Bowtie Gen 1.

This Bright Chrome Bezel Bowtie is to be used for Chevrolet Division globally. This Gold bowtie color was selected to present a jewelry quality which build based on the influence of the truck gold bowtie image.

Than, Bowtie Design has evolved to Bowtie 2nd surface gold, molded for model after SSR.

The Jewelry “laminated” look theme continued for models after SSR.

In 2009, Chevrolet use Gold Bowtie Gen 2, called Textured Gold Bowtie. This enhanced logo appear in the first time on Chevrolet Traverse production vehicle.

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